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Reinventing Ourselves Book Erica Harpe

Imagine having already all you need to realise your full potential. You just need access to it. Imagine having a code to your inner architecture, giving you the power to access and hone this inner genius.

This book uniquely integrates leadership theories with in-depth insight into human functioning and behaviour. It combines Theory U’s social architecture, Integral Theory’s alignment and Barrett’s values with psychology, biology, neuroscience, whole system dynamics, and (universal laws of) energy.

We take you on a journey of consciousness, and show you how to access your full potential, providing easy to implement routines and rituals, integrating ancient wisdom with the latest science.

Reinventing Ourselves explores our human design. Along the way you will discover the diamond of your potential and the diamond of consciousness.

And how to practice stepping in your greatness so you can unlock your creative consciousness and apply it to your life, business and community.

By reading this book you will learn to see how you work at a human, energy and personality level. You will come to understand how each level is linked, and what the various dynamics at play are. This will provide you with access to all wisdom available in you and more resilience and results. Never before have we been so challenged to come up with new answers to the global issues facing us.

There is a growing awareness that the old consciousness is no longer fit for purpose. To survive, we must take a leap in consciousness. The emerging consciousness redefines what it means being human.

The most vital source to innovation is our consciousness. Join us on the journey and fly!

“Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want,
and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way. This is not philosophy.
This is physics.”

– Albert Einstein

Reinventing Ourselves Cover Book Erica Harpe

PRESS & media

Radio interviews

Panel interview by BNR Radio about Transformational leadership in the workplace with Erica Harpe (in Dutch)

Newspaper articles

NRC Handelsblad, August 12, 2019:
‘Professional knowledge alone is no longer sufficient’
> original link, download (pdf), translation

Management Team, September 20, 2019:
‘Only professional knowledge is no longer sufficient, work must take on a different character’
> original link, download (pdf), translation

WORK with me

Erica E.C. Harpe

For more information or contact details you can send send Erica a personal message below, or visit her LinkedIn profile.

As a trained lawyer and banker, Erica connected parties globally for large scale deals for 15 years. Living and working in different cultures she developed a curiosity for culture and systems and what makes people tick and flourish.

For the last 10 years she has pioneered in the field of leadership and transformation, synthesising learnings and creating for example globally used research, backed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, large-scale social dialogues with the Dutch Financial Paper and a learning community of 1600 female leaders with 16 leading multinationals such as IBM, Shell, Unilever and Philips. Working from an integral perspective with Integral Theory, Theory U, Spiral Dynamics, Constellations, Values, Purpose, Transformational Presence, inquiry, and energy.

The leadership journey she developed with this community has been further deepened, culminating in this book. Erica realised it was time to combine the world of leadership (mind) with the world of body, emotions, and spirit. Time to be able to access all of ourselves, to become whole. Time to Reinvent Ourselves!

Author of Part III:

Yvette Hooites Meursing

For more information or contact details you can visit Yvette’s LinkedIn profile, or visit the website at

For the past 25 years Yvette has specialised in the field of characters and embodiment. She also trained in the spiritual, with i.e. the Chopra Center (meditation) and Bart ten Berge (work of Bob Moore).

She is a team member of Bart’s International School for Spiritual Psychology (ISSP) and a teacher of this work. Using her own experience and research in her practice with clients.

Yvette is the author of Character Intelligence, Í am the Leader and The Happy Client which was nominated Coach Book of the Year 2012 in The Netherlands by the NOBCO, the Dutch organization of Professional Coaches.

During the last decade she has extended her work field to the world of business, coaching senior executives and facilitating management teams.


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    READER testimontials

    Reinventing Ourselves offers a creative blend of theory, story and practices, intended to grow human capacity.

    The book emphasizes the importance of relationship and imagination, and invites to reflect on personal experience and questions about values, consciousness and embodied knowing. This quest is a shared experience, in which the book shares lessons from others, on their journeys.

    Pleuntje van MeerFounding partner of Synnova

    I recommend this book as a must-read in these high demanding times.

    To effectively re-energize and become fully engaged, we need to shift our emphasis from getting more out of ourselves to investing more in ourselves. So we bring more of ourselves to work! To recharge ourselves we need to recognize the cost of energy-depleting behaviors – and change them, or as mentioned in Reinventing Ourselves: Wake up and Rise into your Greatness. I found the contents and exercises very valuable, and worthwhile to practice and reflect on.

    Yvonne van den BergHRD Director Social Innovation Philips

    Great to read!

    This book is beautifully constructed, clearly written and beautifully designed!
    Everything that has interested me in the last decades (how organizations and individuals can grow and develop in consciousness) and has inspired me (Buddhism, strengthening mind-body connection through meditation and yoga) can be found here.

    A book that you always want to have with you. When randomly opening it you will always find what you are looking for, And it is very practical, thanks to the enclosed toolbox.

    Iris Poelert-LutzProgramme Manager / Trainer / Coach at Intercoach
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